hello! welcome to my neocities. this is just my personal little corner of the internet, so feel free to browse around and see what i have. :]

my name is lukas, but you can read more about me in my (wip) about! as you can see, my site is still a major wip, but at least this homepage is done..right..lolol

this is more of a personal space for me, but i also want it to be an enjoyable experience for most! feel free to follow my neocities page here, so you can be updated with what i do here >_o! which, as you can see, i have a todo below. it is ordered by priority.

i LOVE seeing others pages, so i will very likely give a follow back! (even if it takes me a bit, im kindaa on hiatus)

any fanart used on this site will be credited, please hover over the image in question for credits! if there's no hover, it's official art and/or graphics i made.


05.21.23 || tiny QoL fixes (scrollbars and tooltips)

12.23.22 || added a guestbook!! go leave a message if you want. :3

12.05.22 || little updates in the past few months, mostly visual fixes.

09.05.22 || there is now a system page, with hyde's page being done.

08.10.22 || resources page was changed a bit & more links were added, about page was taken down and a more super makeshift one replaced it

08.04.22 || "resources" page now goes to a lil link hub!! please let me know if you've linked me so i can add you!!

08.03.22 || new homepage design, same layout but different graphics etc. and url change from machi to cursedfate.

07.13.22 || the "currently fronting" display name on this page, is a link and will now take you to a page where you may read about our current fronter! + gaming link works, has a makeshift page

07.05.22 || added a major wip about. has some good info so it works for now :)

07.03.22 || finished homepage, added to the front page. yeah baby!!!


  • make a nice about, but put up a makeshift one soon ...
  • code page for my wife
  • some alter abouts (namely the hosts)
  • make the base directories for game (ffxiv, animal crossing) & shrine (evillious + more) pages



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